Case Study: Thank You Email Campaign

Jan 30, 2018 9:46:43 AM

By Cathy Cain-Blank

Who We Helped

Paper Tiger Document Solutions is a Chicago-area document shredding and storage company serving businesses and consumers.

A Bit of Background

A few years ago, in response to a growing number of calls from prospects with small quantities of documents to shred, Paper Tiger decided to offer a once-a-month, drop-in Saturday shredding service. Initially, small numbers of people showed up – so few the business owners wrestled with continuing to offer the service.

But in the spring of 2016, we dubbed the event Shred Fest and began to promote it as part of the content in a monthly email campaign. Word of this event has continued to spread. Today the four-hour event draws hundreds of business owners and consumers and generates 20X the revenue it did in the beginning.

More importantly, say the owners, it’s a feel-good experience. “We serve coffee and donuts, visit with customers, and they get to see first-hand how we shred their sensitive documents. We now even show a brief presentation on a large monitor while they are standing in line to explain what happens after their papers are shredded,” says John Klise, co-owner of the company.

What We Did

In January 2018 we added to the feel-good experience by developing a “Thank You” email campaign that is sent following Shred Fest to attendees who sign up for Paper Tiger’s email list.

The campaign expresses the company’s appreciation for the customer’s business; highlights their various shredding services; and includes links to key site pages. It follows email industry best practices, ranging from a personalized approach (it is sent from the owners and features their signatures in the body of the campaign) and telling readers what to expect going forward (a monthly email), to sharing substantive content (it references the law that impacts businesses in possession of sensitive documents) and incorporating media (the 7-step presentation on the shred process, in case they didn’t see it at Shred Fest).

The Results

According to behavioral research analysis by Coglode, buyers prefer a thank you over a small monetary reward. They call it the Trivialization Effect.

According to HubSpot, "Thank You" emails average twice as many opens and clicks as other mailings.

The addition of this Thank You email campaign to Paper Tiger’s email program was designed to show the company’s appreciation for even a small amount of business. Some customers arrive at Shred Fest with only one box of documents to shred – at a cost of $3. Paper Tiger’s efforts to welcome and thank their customers were well received: The first Thank You email to Shred Fest attendees generated a 55% open rate and 25% click rate. The open rate for the “regular” monthly Paper Tiger campaigns ranges from 17%-25% for the first release, and 6-13% on the resend to the contacts who didn’t open the first release.

Please click here to download a PDF of this case study about the effectiveness of Paper Tiger's Thank You email.

If you're in the Chicago area, check out Paper Tiger Document Solutions for your document shredding needs. They routinely receive 5-star reviews for their stellar service. Contact them at 847-599-9700 or email We use their services, too, and highly recommend them.  

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